Has a Set Point Stopped Your Weightloss?

Why is it that when you are trying to lose weight it usually slows down, stops, and often starts back up again, even if you are following the same awesome diet that was so successful? I can imagine it is very disappointing. You probably are wondering, “what is happening to my body” and “why is it so stubborn?” So you cut back on even more calories or give up.

Let me tell you about three things that play a major role (in my opinion) in this weight loss drama “Set point” , “Inflammation” and “Constant eating.”  Don't forget to read my article on Inflammation!

Today lets talk about the “Set point”

The human body is able to adapt to situations of minimal or excessive food intake. Several studies have shown that not only eating habits, but also genetics determine adult body size. For adults who do not try to control their body size, weight is stable over time. So all these lead us to the term of a “set point” - a reference point around which the body tries to keep a weight stable. Its like your body temperature – if temperatures go above or below 37ºC our body mobilizes all its forces and tries to maintain normal body temperature.

If weight is gained above the “set point” some people experience an increase in metabolism (what a surprise!) so that excess energy is wasted. Following this period of weight gain, it is relatively easy to revert to the previous weight. However, trying to go below the set point weight has the opposite effect. Metabolism will slow down as even if you eat less or exercise more. This leads to a slow down in weight loss, a plateau, or even weight regain on few calories. This is your body’s attempt to keep your weight stable.

That could be just one of the possible reasons.  Everyone is different!

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