Everyone is on a diet nowadays!

Everyone is on a diet nowdays! Now I have a question. Why so many of them fail? And my dear, I know the answer to that - What works for me often does not work for you or anyone else!

Each of us has a unique body, circumstances and factors that create the whole picture of our health and wellbeing - like , microbiome, hormone balance, metabolism and nutritional status, and exposure to environmental toxins - addressing these factors that are unique for you will inevitably bring success to your efforts to lose weight. Our bodies are not designed to be storing fat, what happened here is that imbalances in the factors I just listed create a malfunction in our beautiful bodies. Stop approaching weight loss the hard way, it's time to work smarter not harder!

I’ve learned from experience that a diet that helps one person thrive can be pretty bad for another. We have to dig deeper for what works.

I use scientific research, lab tests, and your health history to develop a personalized approach that creates results!

There are amazing tests that are available to us nowdays - blood, saliva, urine, and fecal tests, that can help us to uncover the reasons behind your stubborn weight.

The future of weight loss is customized and individualized. I use detective work, experimentation, and patience.

Here are the top variables that influence your ability to lose weight and how they might shape your personal plan.

  1. Nutrition
    Nutrition is perhaps the primary environmental trigger for weight loss and gain — but not for the reason many people think. Many weight-loss diets are imbalanced, nutrient-poor, or at odds with individual needs, contributing to deficiencies that can interfere with the body’s ability to drop excess weight. I use necessary tests to determine the best nutrition plan for you and eliminate the factors that fuel bodywide inflammation and undermine our absorption of micronutrients, both of which make it more difficult to lose weight.

    I use Hair mineral Analyses testing for MINERAL deficiencies that can make or break your weight-loss efforts.

  2. Hormones
    When you tell me "I’m doing everything but the weight won’t budge," I always look at the thyroid, adrenals, and sex hormones!

    You produce hormones that are messengers for your body causing it to function in certain ways. They regulate sleep, hunger, reproduction, metabolism, libido and many more functions. When any of these hormones get out of balance you can start gaining weight that is really stubborn to get rid of.

    By body disregulation or resistance to hormones like leptin or ghrelin you get in a condition where you always feel hungry and it's very hard to stop eating.

    Problems with HPA Axis dysfunction can make you gain weight even if you follow a super clean and amazing diet! I am always looking to the adrenal and thyroid glands for clues to unexplained weight-gain and weight-loss resistance even if your blood work from your doctor's office show no problems.

    Symptoms of hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, include weight gain and fatigue. Even if your thyroid is functioning normally, your cell's receptors can be blocked from receiving it. That's how many of my clients come to me, with screaming thyroid symptoms (hair loss, cold hands and feet, stubborn weight, fatigue and depression) despite normal TSH. It could be problems with liver, gut, adrenals that prevent your body from receiving the right hormones.

    The adrenal glands produce cortisol, the so-called stress hormone, which is responsible for raising your blood pressure and blood sugar and compromising your immune system. Stress can cause cortisol to work against you, creating sugar cravings, depression, anxiety, weight gain, and thyroid dysfunction.

    Our sex hormones — primarily testosterone and estrogen — also play a role in body composition. Estrogen dominance in both genders (commonly the byproduct of too much stress, poor nutrition, and toxic exposure) can cause weight gain and other symptoms.

  3. Microbiome
    Inside of you reside trillions of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi. This organisms - your microbiome - influences almost all processes in your body, including fat storage and burning.

    Bacteria influence weight by getting energy and calories from the food you eat. Can you imagine people with healthy microbiomes have microbes that consume more than half their daily calories, yay healthy weight-control.

    Antibiotics, poor nutrition, and environmental toxins can damage the microbiome. Bloating, constipation, aches, weight gain are the symptoms that something is off.

    Two classes of gut bacteria that influence body composition the most are firmicutes (bacteria that makes us fat) and -bacteroidetes (keeps us slim).

    Studies show that a high ratio of firmicutes to bacteroidetes correlates to a greater body fat.

    If you have SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth) and candida overgrowth compromise liver function and create gut conditions that prevents us from toxin and estrogen detox. And if our body doesn't know what to do with toxins, and can't excrete, them it stores it as fat trying to protect us from it. It's important to remember that some healthy foods like fermented vegetables and even certain probiotics can feed firmicutes and worsen SIBO symptoms.

  4. Metabolism
    Your metabolism is a combination of all the chemical reactions in your body supported by minerals that keep you alive and healthy. This includes how you use proteins for building muscle (anabolism) and how it breaks down macronutrients to use as fuel (catabolism).

    If you body producing more energy (catabolism) than the anabolic aspects require, your body will store excess fat or glycogen (and your liver will suffer which will affect your hormone balance and create all sorts of unwanted symptoms). You will also tend to break down your body faster than it can repair damage.

    An active metabolic assessment will let you know what is going on with your metabolic status, telling you how efficiently your body burns fat for energy.

    Many tests I use can also provide insight into your body’s stress level and resiliency (how you recover from stress which can influence all the hormones in your body)

    Remember that eating too little and exercising too much (especially if you have any problems with your adrenals and cortisol aka chronic fatigue) are both metabolic stressors that can inhibit weight loss.

  5. Environmental Toxins
    Exposure to countless toxins we don’t necessarily see is wreaking havoc on our bodies’ ability to store and lose fat.

    Nonorganic compounds found in foods, cosmetics, water, dental fillings, and storage containers affect our appetite and metabolism, and can damage the body’s natural weight-control mechanisms.

    These endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) — also called “obesogens” because they’ve been shown to encourage weight gain.Your exposure to toxins and nonorganic compounds can alter your body’s natural weight-control mechanisms.

You May Still Be Trying To Take A Path Fraught With Unnecessary Challenges…

Depending On Your Answers To The Questions Below:

  • How Many Diets Have You Tried That Just Didn’t Work?
  • How Many Opportunities Have You Missed Out on in Your Life Because of How You Feel About Your Body? Are you avoiding situations where you’re expected to wear that dress, put on a bikini, or go to the beach?
  • How many times have you hit the ice cream (or your favorite dessert) to cover up a deeper source of pain that you couldn’t solve? Are you eating to cover up embarrassment, stress, low-self esteem, or a disappointing lack of intimacy with your partner?
  • Do you have constant urges, cravings, and even fantasies about eating that just won’t stop? How has your “food obsession” drained your days?
  • When was the last time you REALLY felt like you had “the energy”? To play with your kids, to exercise, to be sexually intimate, to deal with life on your own terms, or to overcome all of life’s challenges?

Lets change that! I use testing, science and neuro lingustic programming to create a deeply transformational plan that will help you fall in love with every area of your life - your body, your spirit, and your mind. And all of that starts with a simple, absolutely free call.

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