The Secret To A Perfect Body Is Not What You Think!

Ten pounds lighter in 10 days.
Ideal abs in 30 days.
Crushing goals.
Losing weight is your New Years Resolution.
15 ways to lose weight fast and get those ideal abs.

I read this in my social media as soon as I open a page and immediately feel a rush of cortisol :) and as a nutritionist I know that cortisol diminishes any chance for you to have your hormones balanced, meaning your chances for toned, healthy body are even further away. I am not fat and fatigued anymore, and in my ideal weight, but all those headlines make me feel like I'll never be good enough.

I feel like I cant wear what I want (forget a bikini) because I don't have ideal abs, I am not good enough, I don't have New Years resolutions and I might be far from crushing my goals.

I feel like they are just praying on my fears, completely diminishing my self confidence that I am working on every day by connecting to nature, meditating, nurturing and loving my body. But, I know better than that now I know that I don't need to be perfect in order to be fulfilled and happy.

Weight loss and health is not about counting damn calories, its not about hating your trips to the gym, It's not about suffering and depriving yourself! I promise you! It's about balancing your powerful female hormones, it's about self love and self care. It's about releasing those trapped emotions that are poisoning you, raising your cortisol and making you angry and miserable. The weight loss is the easy part and doesn't have to be painful.

Stop believing you are not worthy, stop hiding because of your fears and start doing work on your body that doesn't feel like suffering but feels like finding that zest for life again!

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The secret to a perfect body is that no one has one!  And the secret to a body you love living in is taking one step at a time. Don't keep putting it off, take the first step today.  Call me!