Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss

Hello my friends! After doing my post “Intermittent fasting vs Calorie restriction” I received so many questions. Silly me, I forgot to ask you guys if you even know what it is.  So, what is Intermittent Fasting, really?

I am confident your body can appreciate fasting as much as mine did, if it’s done correctly.

One thing I like about Intermittent Fasting is how it doesn’t have strict rules and can be adjusted to your personal needs and abilities. Fortunately, you won't be starving yourself. It's not one of those fasts that last 30 days and only drinking lemonade and spices. With Intermittent Fasting you can fast for as little as 12 hours, most of which you are asleep. So basically, you practice Intermittent Fasting every night.

Intermittent fasting has many health benefits:

  • Helps promote insulin sensitivity. Its so important as insulin resistance or poor insulin sensitivity contributes to nearly all chronic diseases from hormonal imbalances and diabetes to heard diseases and obesity.
  • Normalizes ghrelin levels, also known as your “hunger hormone”
  • Increases the rate of HGH production, so important for health and slowing the aging process
  • Lowers triglyceride levels (heart health)
  • Helps suppress inflammation (remember how inflammation is the cause of our hormonal imbalances) and fight free radical damage
  • Activatation of cellular cleansing (potential) by stimulating autophagy
  • Increased energy and mental clarity

Also, I realized that women need to approach fasting a little different than men. We are driven by different set of hormones and have to be more careful.

With lots of research and personal experience I created a perfect fasting protocol for me and I want to share it with all ladies who are interested in Intermittent fasting.

In my next posts I tell you more on how its done and different types of fasting and the different approach for women. Share this with a friend you care about to spread the secret of Intermittent Fasting. I have a lot of information, so look for more posts on this soon!