Health Comes From The Gut

How many of you guys had a feeling that something felt wrong about your health or the way you feel? When you go to the doctor they just do regular blood draw or check your thyroid maximum and send you home telling you that you are fine? You know you are eating healthy and your lifestyle is pretty good but some stubborn symptoms like acne, fatigue or mood swings dont go away. Lots of times the root of the problem is in your gut junctions so even the healthiest food can still cause the inflammation.

The gut plays a significant role in detoxifying the body by manufacturing vitamins, it also produces serotonin. Gut microbes affect our energy balance, and brain development and function. We know the gut, for example, makes more than 90 per cent of very important neurotransmitters, like “the happy chemical” serotonin. Also, the gut, and the bacteria that live within the gut, regulate the process of inflammation in the human body. Do you guys remember when we talked about inflammation? When the body is rife with cytokines and inflammatory chemicals, new health issues get triggered, like weight gain. Inflammation is also a cause of many terrible diseases and hormonal imbalance.

Gut bacteria also help us break down molecules in meats and vegetables. Without the aid of gut bacteria, plant cellulose is indigestible. Gut microbes may also have an influence on our cravings and feelings of being full after eating via their metabolic activities.

Remember that antibiotics can affect your microbiota and lead to disease, including the infections that are antibiotic resistant.
I can talk about this subject forever, it is so amazing that we are finally discovering all this information about our bodies and turning to functional medicine that looks at the root of our health problems instead of prescribing us medications that just cover the symptoms.

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