Sweeteners You Thought Were Natural Aren't

Agave syrup (or agave nectar) is a highly processed sugar, almost all fructose, with great marketing.  The truth is a lot more complicated than the branding would have you believe.

Agave syrups are not a whole food found in nature. Instead it usually has to undergo a lot of processing, and this may involve many chemicals and heating processes, even if the agave syrup is labeled raw. Agave nectar is low glycemic but it has a fructose content up to 90%. This is actually higher than high fructose corn syrup (about 55% fructose)

There are other SWEETENER choices, which should be used:

  • Dried fruit, such as figs and dates
  • Raw honey (contains fructose but is natural food, although not vegan)
  • Organic maple syrup (it's not raw but it doesn't require as much processing as agave
  • Xylitol (sugar alcohol, naturally occurring in the fibers of fruits and vegetables)
  • Stevia (which you can buy in a concentrated liquid form)