This can be the answer to your stubborn pounds and hormone imbalances

Taking care of the bacteria that cause inflammation can be the answer to you stubborn weight problems, estrogen dominance and other hormone imbalances. Like overgrowth of strep bacteria was the main cause of my horrible acne that went away as soon as tamed those stinkers. Ladies remember these bacteria can be the cause you can't lose stubborn pounds or chronically fatigued despite eating healthy, dieting, taking a ton of supplements and shakes, whatever is yours "I have tried it all"

In my practice the GI map test is my favorite functional stool test to check your gut microbiome and digestive function in order to dig deeper into those HIDDEN stressors that create hormone imbalances and stubborn pounds! This test is offered through Diagnostic solutions lab.

The lab uses genetic polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology for every single sample. This is the most accurate and thorough method to test for microbes.
You don’t get this kind of testing from your conventional labs, nor through your conventional gastroenterologist. We have no idea as to why, other than the fact that anything new takes a long time to make it into the conventional standard of care practices.


Besides microbes, the GI Map evaluates:

  • Your pancreatic enzyme production. If your enzyme production is low, you may see undigested food in your poop.
  • Fat in your stool. This identifies a problem with fat digestion, which is often a liver or gallbladder issue, as your liver makes bile to emulsify fats, and your gallbladder squirts it out on demand. You can detect liver or gallbladder issues before they become big problems.
  • Anti-gliadin antibodies. Your immune system makes these when gluten is a problem. Also, for people who are off gluten, the presence of these antibodies indicates that you are reacting to gluten cross-reactive foods. This is important to investigate especially if you have autoimmunity.
  • Inflammation in your GI tract through a marker called calprotectin. I use this frequently with my autoimmune colitis and Crohn’s patients to monitor how our autoimmune treatment is working.
  • The immune activity in your GI tract by measuring secretory IgA. This tells you if your gut immune system is underactive, overactive, or working perfectly.

This is only one of the state-of-the-art tests I use in my practice. These tests help me to find real causes of my patients struggles. And when I combine them with my Thriving Woman Protocol, and techniques to free trapped emotions like Rapid Transformational Therapy, it creates the ground for healing. Let me know if you want to talk to me about your struggles babe, I am here to talk.

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