Why So Many Diets Fail And Misconceptions We Have About Them

I’ve totally been there, feeling like nothing works. I struggled with weight loss and horrible skin after the birth of my daughter (which was embarrassing as I was on a very good diet being a nutritionist) . You probably feel me on this one: the doctor told me that weight loss is just a case of simple math—that all it takes is to “eat less and exercise more” and gave me a toxic cream for my skin. I got so angry, I am just one of the women all over that feel bad being told this BS, i.e. that they just need more self-control when it comes to weight loss. It is totally wrong!

After some struggle I decided to study hormones and do the lab tests on my hormones myself, thinking that they were off. I was stunned, though, to find that my cortisol, the main stress hormone, was three times what it should be: Cortisol causes belly fat deposits, PMS, and a short fuse. My insulin was too high, which made my blood sugar high (insulin wasn’t doing its main job, which is driving glucose into cells). My androgens were high, causing me to have those TERRIBLE skin issues and PCOS symptoms. My thyroid was super slow, leading to hair loss and fluid retention (insulin problems lead to liver congestion and liver is responsible for making your thyroid hormones active and available for your body) The list went on!!!

So the solution was to fix my hormones — and when I did, something awesome happened: I not only lost weight easily but in the areas that were the most problematic for me my shoulders and belly. I thought it was in my genes to have apple shape figure which is complete BS! My mood improved! My cravings for sugar, alcohol and energy drinks said bye bye!

I was more generous and patient with my daughter and my husband . I wanted to do meditations at night time instead of the wine bar. I started to have that zest for life again! I had more energy for better things in my life than be obsessed with finding yet another new diet to try.

I discovered that the calorie-in/calorie-out way is total BS!

Let me tell you girlfriend that 97% of weight loss resistance is hormonal. Calories matter, more to some people than others, but hormones are so important. Almost anyone who struggles with weight also struggles with hormones and gut problems which are connected. Weight loss is the easy part after you start balancing your hormones!

Why so many diets don't work for women? Because they fail to address the hormonal root causes like excess cortisol, insulin problems, estrogen dominance, sluggish thyroid, low testosterone. I struggled with every one of these hormone issues, and learned through trial and error how to fix them.

I developed the 4 step Million Dollar Woman protocol, starting first with eliminating HIDDEN stressors in your body and filling nutrient deficiencies in Step 1 - Healthy Woman.

Eliminating the underlying causes of emotional, mental and physical pain that we accumulate since childhood and rewiring your brain to create new chemical reactions in order to heal your body and balance your hormones in step 2 - Happy Woman.

A lifestyle redesign that addresses cortisol issues and balances hormones in step 3 - Balanced Woman.

Removing toxins are destroying your health and balancing hormones by effectively detoxing in step 4 – Glowing Woman.

The principals and processes in this protocol are the things I come back to daily. (Literally)

And best of all, I've decided to keep the doors open a little while longer because I want to help as many woman as I can, so you definitely want to read about it here:

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This is the work I did to go from apple shaped fatigued and depressed girl with huge belly and shoulders to a slim, sexy, confident boss babe I am now! You can do that too, I promise! I am no different than you are. If I could, and many of the ladies around the world who applied this method have these results – you can too!