Three Mindset Shifts That Will Help You Heal Your Body and Your Life

You may have been a victim because of a one-time incident or a pattern of events in your life. Whatever your experience, the victim mentality leads you to believe that once a victim, always a victim. The disease as PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid problems etc. set in and you believe that life has set you aside. You sideline yourself. You are out of the action and off the path.

For some of us, the victim mentality makes you feel a little like a sacrificial lamb. We may conclude that we are meant to suffer. Trauma leads to victim, which can lead to victimhood. It can be insidious and even alluring. We suffer, we won’t heal, our world shrinks. We blame, we stuff our emotions, we limit our actions and conclude there is nothing we can do about our pain. But thats not true... Let me show you how to step out of it. Watch my video here and do the following exercise:

1. Every day monitor your emotions and thoughts and when the thoughts of blaming your circumstances come out, consciously stop them and think of one actionable step you can do today to overcome the circumstances.

Blame: My kids take all my time and I cant exercise / Action: I can set aside 5 minutes to walk around the block (and can take kids with me)

It will make you feel like a winner and train your brain for winning mentality.

2. Set up a goal and ask yourself, "Why do I want it?" Repeat "why 10 times" Don't stop until you get to the why that will make you cry or happy or have goose bumps. Your final why should not be about your kids, spouse or anyone else but YOU!

Why do I want to have toned body?
Because I want my husband to love me. (not about you, so we ask why again)
Ask again: Why do I want to have toned body?
Because I want to wear tight dresses.
Why do I want to wear tight dresses?
Because I want other people to see that I have a great body.
Why do I want other people to see that i have a great body?
Because I want them to like how I look.
Why do i want them to like how I look?
Because I feel unloved if I dont look good.
Because I didnt feel loved and felt ugly when I was a little girl.
Because I never learned how to love myself.

So my big WHY is "I want to learn how to love myself"

3. Never find excuses for why you have desires. Any desires... Become a housewife, millionaire, career woman.. couch potato... homeless person.. Those desires are yours because your soul wants you to have your desire and the Universe/ God/ Creator will never judge you for them. You go girl - let you have some desires and guilty pleasures...

Ready to set aside excuses and get to work on your health goals?

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