Can A Healthy Gut Keep You Slim?

Scientists have found that your body has more bacteria than your normal cells! These trillions of bacteria are called the microbiome. Most of them live in our gut and are called the gut microbiota, and they play a very important role in our health.

A healthy gut consists of thousands of strains of bacteria. It's an environment so dense with life it's like a jungle, and this diverse ecosystem provides your wellness and health. Abnormal shifts in gut microbiota contribute to disease.

Research has shown that an unborn baby is so sensitive to any changes in a mother's microbiota, so much so, that it can alter the way a baby's brain develops. If a baby is born via cesarean section, it doesn't get the mother's bacteria as it travels down the vaginal canal. Scientists say that those born via C-section have to work harder to receive the same full microbiome as those born naturally. Throughout our lives, our microbiome continues to be very sensitive and vulnerable. As we are exposed to stress, toxins, chemicals and certain diets, our microbiome is effected for better or worse. Not only is optimizing your gut health critical for a well-functioning immune system, but it helps you lose weight. Our little helpers, bacteria, are always working to do great things for us!

  1. Microbes keep us slim!

  2. Boost our immune system

  3. Digest our food

  4. Protect us from autoimmune diseases

  5. Detoxify our body and fight off stress

  6. Protect us from bad microbes

I believe taking care of your gut flora may be one of the most important things you can do for your health; you can make healthy food and medical choices to support your little helper bacteria.

The gut is the part of the body that suffers the most damage from the unnatural way of life we have created. More and more people have gut damage that effects their daily lives. Even if you are not currently experiencing any symptoms, gut damage can accumulate, leading to diseases and disorders in the future.

So what can we do to support our gut screaming SOS?

First, It is a good idea to eliminate all the foods that prevent or delay your body’s repair of your gut. Other foods, which need removal as well, feed toxic stowaways in your body.

Gut bacteria thrive on what you feed them, so if you feed them whole fresh foods, good bacteria will grow. If you feed them junk? Bad bugs will grow. Bad bacteria can produce terrible, nasty toxins that can really damage your gut lining. This allows partially digested food particles and toxins to leak through your gut, triggering immune responses which result in low-grade inflammation. This inflammation damages your metabolism and effects how your brain controls your appetite. It can lead to insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances, and weight gain.

And, of course, don't forget to add good quality probiotics and fermented foods to your diet. Here I found a reputable source that can help you to choose the right probiotics for you.

Their researchers looked at over 200 supplements to find great options for general gut health, antibiotic recovery, immune health and more. It even unpacks some of the most important factors in choosing a formula like purity, potency and viability of the cultures.

You can take a look at their findings here:

Not only does a healthy gut help you lose weight, it helps you avoid gaining weight in the first place!

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