Don't Wait For Happiness

Today is the day to STOP living for the future. This present moment is all that you will ever experience, so enjoy the present.  Too many people postpone their HAPPINESS waiting for some future goal to manifest. People decide that they will be happy “when I get a better job,” “when I meet the love of my life,” “when my children are grown,” 'when I retire.” We use these EXCUSES, and many others to allow ourselves to live with less enjoyment and happiness than we deserve.

AWARENESS is a simple method for enjoying this moment.  Look around you, really try to see the world, and listen to any sounds entering your brain.  By becoming aware of precisely where you are at this moment, your brain will shift to a more contemplative, relaxed state, and joy will replace the anxiety that comes from focusing on the past or the future.

Don't wait for tomorrow, today is an awesome day!