A Woman's Guide To Happiness

Ladies, we need to remember that we are powerful, that we are Divine, that we are loved by our creator and we are creators of life ourselves! The Universe, God or Divine power is a part of us and we are part of it. We just have to tap in that energy, remember who we are and start loving ourselves, life and other women. Yes, other women! The more you love other ladies, the more you love yourself because you tap into that universal feminine energy that makes you stronger. To do that, we need to support each other and stop judging each other! Women are very judgmental creatures and we need to stop that! That other lady who you judge is a little girl inside who has heard about her imperfections her whole life, just like you!

Our whole life we hear that we are too short or too tall, too skinny or too fat. That we need to shut up or be quiet. Some people tell us that our place in the kitchen. We judge each other for not going to work right after the birth of our babies.

“Oh, you were on maternity leave for 4 years and don’t have an amazing startup that brings you 20k a month? What a lazy chick. Who cares that you are raising a human.”

Enough of that!! We have to stop caring about what they think! Do you get my point? She is just a little girl inside who remembers all the offensive words she heard all her life, all the scares and drama. Now, stop judging her. Show her some love! If you have tension with another lady, try to pray for her and send her some love for a week or two and you will see how much she will change towards you.

And now finally, the most important part, stop judging yourself and forgive yourself for everything you think you have done wrong in this life! I promise you that making these important mindset shifts will help you heal your body and your hormones. I know its not easy, but I have tools that will help you to do just that!

Remember, I am always here to help you, in any way. Let me show you a happy way forward, lets talk! Schedule a free call and I'll share my journey and how you can find the same happiness I did!