Reclaim Your Inspiration

Do you often feel inspired and happy, but then the usual routine begins? You ask yourself, where did your inspiration go? How do you feel happy again?

First, try to remember a moment that made you crazy happy, like the birth of your child for example. Every time you feel down, bring back that memory. You must maintain that spark of happiness, to cherish this sensation. Look for for good signs in everything. Imagine that you sending good energy to this planet that makes someone happier every second.

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Remember, every minute you are creating your future. You control your destiny. This gives you peace of mind, confidence and joy so that happiness is always with you. When the feeling of joy becomes a habit, you will constantly be surrounded by good luck.

Rejoice in everything that you have at the moment. This is not to say, “be happy all the time.” Sometimes it is very difficult to be satisfied, but try to not let bad feelings into your heart, and therefore into your life. Move past the bad and open up for good news. Focus on the smallest positive changes and carefully cherish them. When you are happy, you are radiating happiness into the world around you. You create a harmonious vibration around you where everything is going well. A positive attitude always leads to success and creation.