The Health Benefits of Dirt, Seriously!

Healthy human gut should have about thirty thousand different species of bacteria. The average probiotic supplement only contains 3 to 24 species, with billions of copies. When you constantly take probiotics, you just grow the same few species. Eating fermented foods can help but that's not enough. The real source of friendly bacteria, that help us look great, feel great and have tons of energy, comes from nature.

The bacteria that populate our guts come from all over the natural environment around us. Most of our body's bacteria comes from just breathing! It is so important to go outside and especially important for our kids.  Never miss an opportunity to take a break. Sitting in air conditioned home or office all day is terrible for your body in all sorts of ways.

Go get your friendly bacteria direct from natural environments, from your garden, the beach and the forest. Pat your dog, walk barefoot and touch dirt. Even eating directly from your garden without washing your produce is an awesome idea to get much needed diversity of bacteria. Do you want to know how changing your gut microbiome can help you to lose weight and look fantastic?! Stay tuned!