Hormonal Imbalances: Cortisol Belly

Do you know there is another name for that stubborn belly fat? It is called Cortisol Belly! I bet you've heard stress is responsible for most of our health issues, and you probably roll your eyes and whatever. But guys, it’s true! There is science behind those “stress is bad for you” statements. You might have heard that as stress rises your body produces the stress response hormone: Cortisol. Lets talk about Cortisol and why it’s important for our hormones.

Cortisol has an effect on our entire body. It effects our Endocrine System including all of our hormones like Insulin (blood sugar, belly fat), our sex hormones (Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone), thyroid hormones (control metabolism). It also affects our brain chemicals that are responsible for energy, mood, mental clarity, focus, and sleep.

Cortisol tells our body to hold onto body fat, so it plays one of the biggest roles in weight gain. When our Cortisol levels are balanced, we feel mentally sharp, clear, and motivated. When our Cortisol levels are off, we feel depressed, foggy, absentminded and fatigued. Cortisol affects our lungs, muscles, and bones. Did you know ladies, it even affects our skin and hair? The good news is that we can manage our Cortisol with some powerful techniques like dietary and lifestyle changes.

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