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The Power of Affirmations

Do you use affirmations? Employing positive self-talk on a consistent basis can work miracles in your life.  The reason for this is surprisingly simple. Your subconscious mind will draw into your experience whatever you consistently think about. This has been stated in many ways before: “You are what you think about all day long!”

A Mindset For Real Change

Real change can not accur for you until you truly desire to change! When the pain of not changing overwhelms the pain of change, then you decide to transform your life.

Don't Wait For Happiness

Today is the day to STOP living for the future. This present moment is all that you will ever experience, so enjoy the present.  Too many people postpone their HAPPINESS waiting for some future goal to manifest. People decide that they will be happy “when I get a better job,” “when I meet the love of my life,” “when my children are grown,” 'when I retire.” We use these EXCUSES, and many others to allow ourselves to live with less enjoyment and happiness than we deserve.

Finding Happiness

Have you ever seen a rain on a sunny day? What about two rainbows in the sky? I understood one simple thing: with your attitude towards this world you paint your reality in bright, cheerful or dark colors.

Finding True Love

If your partner left you, or you are in a search for LOVE, first you need to learn how to love YOURSELF. If you don't think you can love yourself the way you are, try to change something, get inspired. Join a gym. Start learning a foreign language. Try to dress in a new, exciting way. Changing your routine, and making your life fun helps you gain a new sense of life. Taking care of yourself, for yourself, has rewards that others will see. It really is a worthy goal, and it will attract luck and prosperity to you.