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The Meaning of Life

I discarded the idea that the physical universe is a meaningless, uncaring, random machine, that human consciousness is a chemical accident within this machine.  There is order and meaning in life, if you create it for yourself.

Remember - Relax and Enjoy Life

We are constantly reminded that life is a struggle, that work is difficult, that solving our problems will take effort, and that earning money or losing weight is so hard.  We have all been loaded with so much negative propaganda about our lives that it is a wonder we can remember how to be happy at all. Our society is focused on competition, and consumerism and making us forget how to RELAX and ENJOY our journey through life. This mindset drains our spiritual, creative energy.

Biological Age vs. Physiological Age

Our biological age is influenced by our psychological age. So, the thoughts we constantly think directly influence how old we look! "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves" - Buddha

Setting Goals

Lets talk about goal settings and Neuroscience today!  Lets learn how we can train our brain for success. Each evening write down some small goals for the next day. Make sure you they are something you know you can achieve. Mix very simple goals that you know you can do easily with something a little harder to accomplish.

A Happy Exercise for your Cells

After age thirty five, on average, you lose five pounds of muscle every decade. You will definitely start to notice the change over the course of middle age. It happens at the cellular level because your mitochondria become tired, a process known as mitochondrial dysfunction, which may make you feel more fatigued during and after exercise or cause muscle pain.