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3 Things You Need To Get Your Cortisol Under Control

Stress hormones affect your respiratory system. During the stress response, you breathe faster in an effort to quickly distribute oxygen-rich blood to your body. Your breathing changes to forceful inhalation and very short exhalation. This can lead you to develop a chronic low oxygen condition!

A Woman's Guide To Happiness

Ladies, we need to remember that we are powerful, that we are Divine, that we are loved by our creator and we are creators of life ourselves! The Universe, God or Divine power is a part of us and we are part of it. We just have to tap in that energy, remember who we are and start loving ourselves, life and other women. Yes, other women! The more you love other ladies, the more you love yourself because you tap into that universal feminine energy that makes you stronger. To do that, we need to support each other and stop judging each other! Women are very judgmental creatures and we need to stop that! That other lady who you judge is a little girl inside who has heard about her imperfections her whole life, just like you!

Reclaim Your Inspiration

Do you often feel inspired and happy, but then the usual routine begins? You ask yourself, where did your inspiration go? How do you feel happy again?

Mind Over Body

Who need some powerful motivation here? I want to share something that helped me and many other people to achieve their health and weight loss goals. If you just think about losing some pounds before summer or because you want to see certain number on your scale and follow a harsh, short term diet to achieve the desired result, there is a big chance that the weight will be coming back. I really believe that if you start your weight loss journey with thoughts of becoming healthy and in tune with your body and mind you can achieve better and long lasting results.

Scientific Reasons You Need a Puppy Right Now

Anyone who owns and loves a dog knows how healing your friend can be. And even though they may love you at least partially because they rely on you to do things like eat, it’s a two-way road when you own a dog. You may keep them alive by feeding and taking care of them, but they are also taking care of you.