You Won't Believe The Crazy Ways Antiperspirants Mess With Your Hormones

If you haven't already, start avoiding using antiperspirants. Check your deorderant closely to make sure it doesn't contain antiperspirants.  All these products have nearly the same packaging, and you might even accidentally pick the wrong one off the shelf. At first glance they don't contain anything out of the ordinary, but you need to know the effects common ingredients can have on your body.  You won't believe the bad guy at work in these products!

The problem is that aluminum is the key ingredient in nearly every commercial antiperspirant product. It can cause symptoms of hormone imbalance in women!

Aluminum is a xenoestrogen, a carcinogen, and a heavy metal that has been linked to hormonal imbalances, depression, alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. Studies actually show that aluminum absorbs better through your skin than even orally. Deodorants are fine, but antiperspirants prevent toxins from exiting the skin in the armpits, causing an unhealthy concentration of toxic material near the breasts that will cause health problems. This is not something you want to encourage if you are already experiencing problems with your hormones.

Also double check to be sure your deodorant doesn’t contain triclosan or pthalates. “Fragrance” or “parfum” is often code for pthalate. When in doubt, call the manufacturer! These chemicals are nasty for the environment and act as endocrine disruptors, which may increase the risk of breast cancer.

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