Is Milk Healthy?

Milk: human, cows milk and goats milk all has the same job - to nourish a baby and help them grow. Do we still need milk as adults? No. The problem with milk is hormonal imbalances caused by the protein IGF-1. The protein that helps you grow as a baby imbalances the hormones of adult you.

IGF-1 is in all forms of dairy, cow’s or goat’s milk. It has the same molecular structure as insulin. Dairy is not doing your body any favors! It makes your ovaries produce more testosterone. Acne, hair growth, weight around the middle... IGF-1 is contributing to that, making it worse.

Dairy creates inflammation in your intestinal tract which can hinder your fertility. Dairy can throw off your body’s own estrogen production by introducing artificial growth hormones. The trace antibiotics found in dairy will negatively impact your microbiome and prevent estrogen metabolism. Dairy depletes magnesium which throws off your pituitary and the rest of the adrenal glands.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, milk creates dampness in your body and dampness is a friend of hormonal imbalances.

If you can't live without milk, choose goats milk and milk products or at least grass-fed happy cow's milk.

What do you think my friends? Can you live without cheese?

My book "A Guide To Balancing your Hormones Naturally (PCOS)" is all done. We are going to upload it on my site tonight and I will send the link to all the ladies who requested it.