How Can We Free Trapped Emotions?

Almost everyone carries around old emotional energies from their past. We hold onto trapped emotions, and often a simple touch or even familiar fragrance can bring out a flood of emotions and memories. Trapped emotional energy will always get stuck in the physical body, and the organ or tissue that is within that area will pick up the vibrational energy of the trapped emotion. Your body will be stuck with this emotional vibration producing cortisol non stop.

Five Cholesterol Myths And What You Should Eat Instead

You knew there was a bit of an over-emphasis (borderlining obsession) about cholesterol, right?

Before we jump into some myths let's make sure we're on the same page when it comes to what exactly cholesterol is.

Eating Healthy But Still Have Bloating, Indigestion, Constipation Or Diarrhea?

Lets talk about your gut today.

It's really important to have a regular bowel movement (I'm talking once daily and feeling emptied) for your overall health and even more so when you are suffering from various hormonal imbalances.

When you're constipated, the metabolised hormones re-enter the body, Its toxic and inhibits the endocrine glands from producing more "fresh" hormones. You accumulate harmful estrogens and become really low on progesterone. It can cause PMS, PCOS, harsh menopause symptoms, belly fat, infertility and even breast cancer!

Constipation is on top of the list when it comes to digestive issues women experience, so let me assure you it's not just you.

In desperation many women often resort to laxatives, not realizing that these can perpetuate the constipation cycle, which often has multiple causes.

Why Your Waist Circumference Matters 100x More Than What You Weigh

Waist Circumference and Belly fat

The Top 5 Root Causes of IBS

Fatigue, hormone imbalances, weight gain, insomnia, and anxiety... do you struggle with any of these IBS symptoms? Not to mention malabsorption from a leaky gut. If you struggle with IBS, odds are it's triggered by at least one of the root causes below.  Once we know what's causing the problem, we can fix it. IBS is not a single disease with a single cause. There could be multiple causes. And they're going to be unique to each person. But I want to share with you the five that I see in my clients most often.