Can A Healthy Gut Keep You Slim?

Scientists have found that your body has more bacteria than your normal cells! These trillions of bacteria are called the microbiome. Most of them live in our gut and are called the gut microbiota, and they play a very important role in our health.

Guilt Free Beet and Chia Bread

Modern bread from the store is filled with terrible ingredients. Bread doesn't need to be loaded with sugar, dyes and preservatives to taste delicious! I love experimenting with new ways to make bread that don't use wheat flour and don't contain dangerous, hormone damaging sugar or high-fructose corn syrup.  This tasty, fun colored, free-form loaf of bread is made with raw beats. It's perfect for lunch, slathered with butter, dunked in soup, or spread with coconut butter and stevia chocolate syrup!

You Won't Believe The Crazy Ways Antiperspirants Mess With Your Hormones

If you haven't already, start avoiding using antiperspirants. Check your deorderant closely to make sure it doesn't contain antiperspirants.  All these products have nearly the same packaging, and you might even accidentally pick the wrong one off the shelf. At first glance they don't contain anything out of the ordinary, but you need to know the effects common ingredients can have on your body.  You won't believe the bad guy at work in these products!

The Stay Young Vitamins You Need To Know About

People spend hundreds of dollars on premium supplements and expensive multivitamins. It used to be we humans got our nutrients from the food we ate, not pills and sugary drinks.  Did you know smart food choices can keep you young and healthy too? Spend that supplement money on high quality, tasty food instead. Here are a few vitamins to look for at the supermarket if you want to stay young and keep that skin looking awesome!

3 Things You Need To Get Your Cortisol Under Control

Stress hormones affect your respiratory system. During the stress response, you breathe faster in an effort to quickly distribute oxygen-rich blood to your body. Your breathing changes to forceful inhalation and very short exhalation. This can lead you to develop a chronic low oxygen condition!