The Stay Young Vitamins You Need To Know About

People spend hundreds of dollars on premium supplements and expensive multivitamins. It used to be we humans got our nutrients from the food we ate, not pills and sugary drinks.  Did you know smart food choices can keep you young and healthy too? Spend that supplement money on high quality, tasty food instead. Here are a few vitamins to look for at the supermarket if you want to stay young and keep that skin looking awesome!

3 Things You Need To Get Your Cortisol Under Control

Stress hormones affect your respiratory system. During the stress response, you breathe faster in an effort to quickly distribute oxygen-rich blood to your body. Your breathing changes to forceful inhalation and very short exhalation. This can lead you to develop a chronic low oxygen condition!

Two Quick Drinks You Need To Treat Your Liver Right

The liver is one of your most important digestive organs, specifically for regulating hormones. This is because the liver deactivates excess hormones and hormones that are no longer functional in your body. When cortisol is elevated (either from a leaky gut, poor diet, or stress response) the liver's ability to effectively remove excess hormones is highly decreased. We can talk about these hormones, like cortisol, another time. Today, let’s talk about our liver.

A Woman's Guide To Happiness

Ladies, we need to remember that we are powerful, that we are Divine, that we are loved by our creator and we are creators of life ourselves! The Universe, God or Divine power is a part of us and we are part of it. We just have to tap in that energy, remember who we are and start loving ourselves, life and other women. Yes, other women! The more you love other ladies, the more you love yourself because you tap into that universal feminine energy that makes you stronger. To do that, we need to support each other and stop judging each other! Women are very judgmental creatures and we need to stop that! That other lady who you judge is a little girl inside who has heard about her imperfections her whole life, just like you!

Hormonal Imbalances: Cortisol Belly

Do you know there is another name for that stubborn belly fat? It is called Cortisol Belly! I bet you've heard stress is responsible for most of our health issues, and you probably roll your eyes and whatever. But guys, it’s true! There is science behind those “stress is bad for you” statements. You might have heard that as stress rises your body produces the stress response hormone: Cortisol. Lets talk about Cortisol and why it’s important for our hormones.