Blackberries For Beauty

I love, love them and can’t imagine my day without them! If I can’t get fresh berries I use berries from my freezer to add to smoothies and other healthy treats! Today I wanted to share with you the health benefits of blackberries. They are amazing!

Russian Beet Salad

Today I want to share a Traditional Russian Beet Salad recipe. I posted this in my Instagram Stories last week and everyone has been asking for it! All Russians love this salad dearly and know how to make it. It is a super savory potato salad, similar to German style, but it’s lighter and dairy free!

Is Milk Healthy?

Milk: human, cows milk and goats milk all has the same job - to nourish a baby and help them grow. Do we still need milk as adults? No. The problem with milk is hormonal imbalances caused by the protein IGF-1. The protein that helps you grow as a baby imbalances the hormones of adult you.

Reclaim Your Inspiration

Do you often feel inspired and happy, but then the usual routine begins? You ask yourself, where did your inspiration go? How do you feel happy again?

Mind Over Body

Who need some powerful motivation here? I want to share something that helped me and many other people to achieve their health and weight loss goals. If you just think about losing some pounds before summer or because you want to see certain number on your scale and follow a harsh, short term diet to achieve the desired result, there is a big chance that the weight will be coming back. I really believe that if you start your weight loss journey with thoughts of becoming healthy and in tune with your body and mind you can achieve better and long lasting results.